Half a dozen (6 eggs). Please only choose one box per order as much as possible. They have a very slow production (because of their biodynamic properties) rate and we only get them every 2 weeks.


Karen and Daniel at Orchard Farm in East Sussex keep small flocks of chickens in moveable houses throughout 60 acres of biodynamic orchard. They rear them themselves from day one, without the use of any antibiotics and feed them a 100% organic grain based diet which is locally sourced. It contains no artificial enhancers or GMO products. Guided by the cockerels, our hens roam freely 24/7. This encourages them to express their natural behaviour and source their food whenever, wherever! This is also a great way to naturally fertilize the land, spreading valuable nutrients through their manure. This guarantees a productive orchard but more importantly, it creates a balanced and self-sufficient ecosystem. So when you try one of their eggs, you will EGGsperience the vitality of the land and support the truly organic ecosystem of Orchard Eggs.

Biodynamic East Sussex Eggs

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